This guide was created and compiled by NYU Study Abroad student Jeremy Sperling (Guide Lead)

With submissions by Aaron Malark, Alexander LoPinto, Anna Greenwood, Becky Ahlstrom, Ben Malbin, Bernier Lauredan, Beth Levin, Caitlin Boehne, Courtney Parks, Edgar Casillas, Erica Swallow, Gary Chang, Heather Gile, Janessa Brown- Stonbraker, Julian Cyr, Kathleen Chang, Lauren Betesh, Lisa Raphael, Norman King, Paul Karp, Ryan O’Lone, Ilan Vaisman

Guides Creative Director & Editor Marti Grimminck, NYU Graduate Student, Gallatin Global Ambassador Program Coordinator Meret Hofer, Office of Global Programs

Special Thanks to Todd Smith, Stephane Magloire, Julian Cyr, Ryan O’Lone, Taylor Speer, Eric Canny, Rebecca Pisano, Matthew Pucciarelli, Polly Trigger


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