Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, besides being a complex blend of classic European and modern Latin cultures, has developed into one of the most accepting and supportive locations for LGBT citizens in all of South America. The people of Buenos Aires, or as they refer to themselves, porteños, have little issue with the LGBT community and their support is seen in the large number of LGBT-friendly cafes, bars, restaurants, and celebrations. Buenos Aires is a mark of social transition and growth in a rapidly changing country.


  • Unlike the rest of Argentina, Buenos Aires has anti-discrimination laws protecting citizens from prejudice based on sexual orientation.
  • Buenos Aires is one of two provinces that offer civil unions to same-sex couples, a law enacted in 2003.

Check out this news article on developments in LGBT activism and tourism in Argentina: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/03/world/americas/03argentina.html

Cultural Differences

It is custom for all people, despite gender or sexual orientation, to kiss each other on the cheeks when meeting and is a standard tradition in Latin American cultures.


Mar del Plata – This Argentinean coastal city is home to an incredibly strong and popular LGBT community. Just as much a place for relaxation as a community with which to get involved! (http://www.gaymardelplata.com/)

Cordoba City – The second-largest city of Argentina filled with historical architecture and numerous sites to see. In 1998, Cordoba City hosted the 3rd annual LGBT International Rights Conference.

Getting Involved and Informed

La SIGLA (Sociedad de Integracîon Gay y Lesbica de Argentina)http://www.sigla.org.ar
Pasaje del Progresso 949
This group is a highly prominent LGBT organization that organizes events, spreads awareness on LGBT issues and education, and hopes to enhance the rights of all Argentine LGBT persons.

La Fulanahttp://www.lafulana.org.ar
Av. Callao 339, 5 Piso
Tel: +54 4383-7413
As an organization designed for homosexual and bisexual women, this group aims to create an open space to discuss the rights of queer women in Buenos Aires and Argentina in general.

Imperio G is a well-known and established LGBT magazine that can be found at most magazine kiosks. It offers detailed information on local bars, clubs, parties, and other LGBT celebrations.

Marcha de Orgullohttp://www.marchadeorgullo.org.ar – is both the name of the Argentine Gay Pride Parade that happens in Buenos Aires each November as well as the name of an extensive website, listing other LGBT projects and events occurring in Buenos Aires.


Sitges Barhttp://www.sitgesonline.com.ar
Cordoba 4119, Palermo
One of the most well-known LGBT bars in Buenos Aires. As known for some of the best drag-comedy nights as it is for being a great place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and music.

Verona Discohttp://www.veronacantobar.com.ar
Hipolito Yrigoyen 968
A disco that is only open to women. Has many theme nights and events, and is a great place to meet other queer porteñas.

La Farmacíahttp://www.lafarmaciarestobar.com.ar
Bolivar 898
This restobar (a combination of a restaurant and bar) offers fine dining to the LGBT community as well as showcasing the artwork of local artists and designers.


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