Listed here are various websites and links to published material that do not appear explicitly in the guide, but which the author utilized in compiling information, alongside the anecdotes and information provided by student contributors.

  • – Website of International Lesbian and Gay Association. Lists current news in legislation and LGBT movements worldwide.
  • IGLA 2006 World LGBT Legal Survey – A publication that lists globally which country maintain laws protecting and endorsing the rights of LGBT citizens.
  • – Website of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. Provides information on thriving LGBT issues as well as a list of international initiatives to spread LGBT education and acceptance.
  • – A comprehensive evaluation by the European chapter of ILGA that looks at the current rights and issues of the LGBT community.
  • – Journal website documenting the travels of LGBT persons throughout countries and cities all over the world. Also, this website maintains an article website for
  • – Website for the established LGBT news site, The Advocate. Offers wide array of articles and studies that have looked into the international developments of LGBT legislation, communities, and activism.
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