Tips for Using This Guide

This guide is to help you get adjusted to the new community in which you will be studying for either a semester or a full year. The information is meant to not only give you a general overview of the treatment and public opinion of the LGBT community and queer issues, but also provide useful resources and tips for getting involved within the community.

Each section is devoted to one of the NYU Study Abroad sites, listing information on: Safety and Legislation, Cultural Differences, Getting Involved/Informed, Hotspots, and a brief section with Travel ideas. Most of these pages provide anecdotes, tips, and other info from LGBT returnee students that wish to share their experiences with you. Addresses and links to most listings are provided in the guide as well as links to prominent articles that discuss many of the discussed issues in the guide in greater detail. Check out the references and explore some international organizations fighting for the equality of LGBT individuals.

The NYU LGBT Study Abroad Guide is ever-expanding and changing, influenced by many different factors: the latest political development in LGBT issues, a new contribution from a student, or even something as simple as a club closing down. With that said, as the reader if you find anything that you would like to add or think should be changed, then send us an e-mail. Making this guide as informative and engaging as possible requires a collaborative effort from as many open members of the international LGBT community as possible!

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